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Football has always been an intense game filled with both physical and mental strain. Passion drives players to push their limits and constantly strive for greatness on the field. With so much work http://www.oaklandraidersteamonline.com/josh-jacobs-jersey , effort and testosterone going into being and NFL player, it should come as no surprise when tensions start to rise. Fights arenít unheard of in the NFL. Though they might not be as common as they are in the NHL, they still happen in football from time to time. Be it between a couple of teammates in practice or two opposing players during a game, these rare occurrences plainly show the animosity and frustration felt during the course of an NFL season.Of course football is a competitive sport and hate can sometimes be confused with grit. Itís natural for players to get in each otherís faces in the heat of the moment or during a tight game. However itís another thing to turn on the TV and hear them blasting their opponents on live television or reading a number of malicious Tweets between two players online. This does make for some good entertainment but it doesnít undercut the reality that some NFL players genuinely donít like one another. And thatís okay Ben Banogu Jersey , really. In fact it might even make for more competitive games throughout the season. Love them or hate them, we will never see another head coach-quarterback duo like Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. What these two have accomplished in less than 20 years together at the helm is nothing short of spectacular, and there's still plenty left for the two icons to give.These two men have won five Super Bowl championships, and they've totaled eight appearances together in the big game. Brady is a three-time NFL MVP and continues to shatter more and more records. He could very well wind up as the league's all-time leader in passing yards and touchdowns Parris Campbell Jersey , though Drew Brees will have something to say about that.Brady and Belichick have worked perfectly as a duo, thanks in large part to the genius of the latter. He's spent 20 years just finding talent out of nowhere (Malcolm Butler was undrafted and sat on the bench before his Super Bowl XLIX-clinching interception). Belichick knows where to find talent like nobody else, and that's why the Patriots have been so successful for 20 years.That being said, even the best of the very best aren't immune to mistakes. Though Belichick has made a handful of excellent trades and free agent signings Bobby Okereke Jersey , he has struck out plenty of times. Too often has the hooded genius thought a fading veteran had a couple of years left, only to do very little in the long run.Here are the 20 worst trades and free agent signings made by the Patriots in the Brady-Belichick era.

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