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You can't underestimate the benefits of touch therapy. Touch and physical contact are essential parts of any relationship Lawrence Taylor Youth Jersey , whether it's casual, friendly, or intimate. It goes without saying that touch also has plenty of health benefits. If you've been eased by an hour's worth of massages, then you're probably hooked to the experience and consider spas the perfect wrap-up for your day. There's also a chance that you naturally have the gift of touch, deft and dexterous hands which can distress tired, tense muscles spent with a day's work.

Opportunities are aplenty

Massage is considered an important part of physical and occupational therapy as well, for patients recovering from debilitating diseases and injuries. Inactivity causes muscle tissues to atrophy and degenerate, and can only be prevented by gradually and regularly massaging and stimulating these with various techniques. If you're considering a career in massage therapy, then you should sign up for an intensive course. The good thing about this industry is there are plenty of opportunities for growth and placement. Spas, private practice, in-house therapists for corporations, and clinics are but a few of the fields you can enter into once you've mastered the essential techniques.

Personal Gain

You can also learn massage therapy for your personal benefit. If you have someone in the family in need of rehabilitative therapies, then the skills and techniques you'll learn will surely have lasting benefits. There are plenty of schools here offering courses with different specializations, and you can also adopt a well-rounded course which covers most, if not all of these. You should consider the massage school you'll enroll into, though. For the longest time, government-accredited schools were considered the authority by the industry. This used to mean that you have the best opportunities for employment and placement if your diploma comes from a government-accredited school.

Fields of Placement

The variety of schools available here should give you more options, with the industry deregulated to make room for competition and efficiency. You can now choose between schools in search of the right course and specialization. If you want to learn massage techniques applicable to sports injuries, then you can enroll in sessions focused on equipping you for the field. There's also a relatively new field of massage therapy, for infants and children. And then there are spas and clinics which offer massages for different purposes, including recovery and relaxation. The industry is far from saturated, and you'll find a fulfilling vocation whether you intend to make a career out of your diploma or not.

Freedom to Choose

Competition is the main advantage of deregulation, but it's also a setback. With the industry a free-for-all for capable practitioners, the course programs are now customized to accommodate conveniences in time and budget. You can learn more about massage diploma if you're considering a career in massage therapy. Course periods may extend up to three years if you really want to perfect the methods, but you can also take on crash courses and ensure you make the cut. The courses come in handy if you're planning to set up your own spa or private practice. The gains and rewards are guaranteed lucrative, especially if you secure regular clientele who can endorse your service by word of mouth.

MELBOURNE, Sept. 28 (Xinhua) -- Children with a common type of brain tumor will receive personalized treatment for the first time after a landmark Australian research program.

Researchers at Melbourne's Hudson Institute of Medical Research (HIMR) and Monash Health were able to establish Australia's first molecular identification process for tumors to help doctors determine the best treatment plan.

The new process could mean the end of "one-size-fits-all" treatment which meant all children with tumors being treated with a similar surgery, chemotherapy and radiation plan which could be effective but could also cause intellectual disabilities and other issues later in life.

Jason Cain, research head at the HIMR, said the new process can analyze which of four subgroups a tumor belongs to within three weeks, compared to the previous three-month process which involved sending tumor samples to Germany for testing.

"It's become clear over the last five years that medulloblastoma (the most common type of brain cancer) is not a single disease, but comprised of at least four distinct subgroups," Cain told News Limited on Wednesday.

"Each of these subgroups have a different cause, prognosis, risk and response to therapies.

"There is a low-risk group that doesn't need the same amount of chemotherapy or radiation.

"There are also targeted therapies in clinical trials, and they do show some promising results, but are only effective in one high-risk subgroup. This is important information."

Katie Lloyd, whose son Zach had surgery at nine months old to remove a tumor the size of a golf ball, said she welcomed a future with tailored treatment.

"If they can work out a treatment plan that's not going to be as heavy as the chemo was, that will be so great because it was a very tough time," Lloyd told News Ltd newspapers on Wednesday.

Cain and his team are going through the process of analyzing tumor samples from former patients to guarantee the technique is flawless before it is used as a standard diagnostic tool.

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